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Stockholm Tourism Industry: December 2018 (and Full Year 2018)

Guest nights at commercial accommodation facilities in Stockholm County rose by 5% in December compared to December last year to 970,632. Throughout 2018, more than 14,5 million overnight stays have been made. That's almost 500,000 more than last year. During 11 of the year's 12 months, the 2017 results have been surpassed.

Swedes accounted for two out of three overnight stays in 2018. Domestic guest nights increased by 4% in December, but only by 1% throughout 2018. For Nordic visitors, the month was weak for Norwegian visits (-11%), but positive for visitors from Finland (+10%). That picture is true even for the year as a whole.

Guest nights from visitors traveling from the rest of Europe increased by 3% in December and by 6% during the full year. Germany and the UK are the largest target groups. The trend has moved in different directions during 2018. German visitors have increased strongly during the end of 2018 and made 8% more overnight stays in 2018 than the year before. British visitors, on the other hand, decreased – 7% fewer overnight stays during the year. Spain, France, Poland and Russia are target groups that have developed significantly well during the year.

However, the biggest increase is noted for non-European guests, mainly represented by the US, India and China.

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Photographer: Ola Ericson